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Bukapintu is an exclusive community that matches companies with high quality candidates from top universities.

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  • Client: Bukapintu
  • Year: 2016


  • Rangga Husnaprawira: CEO,
  • Raisa Nabila: Community Manager,
  • Bobby Priambodo: Software Engineer,
  • Philip Young: Product Design.


On August 2015, Bukapintu Team approached me to develop brand identity and designing UX/UI for their web app.

In just under a year, we have acquired 10,000 signed-up talents, got seed funding, served Boston Consulting Group & World Research Institute as a clients, and got an acquisition offer from another recruiting company.


For the talent: College student and fresh graduates are competing to get a job. They didn’t do thorough research about the company they applied for. This happens because companies data are scattered everywhere. It took a lot of time for them to research companies one by one.

For the company: Culture-fit and well-researched talents are hard to find. For multi-national companies, they get a lot of influx talents from all over the country. They need to screen to find culture-fit candidate one by one.

For smaller companies: talent doesn’t even know they exists. They need exposure.

The process are painful for both stakeholders. It waste recruiter's time and energy. They need to interview candidates that didn’t know about the company. On the other hand, it also waste talent time. Resigning in several months are expensive, because company need to find another talent. They start the process from 0 again.


To solve these problems, we decided to build a “marketplace” for students and companies. Like monster.com—we have a job platform. The difference is, Bukapintu have detailed company profile. For each companies, we came to their office, took their photos (both office and employees), interviewed them about what they do and how they run things.

This solves problem for both entities.

  • Talent can research everything in one place,
  • company can expect the talent to know about the company more before they apply.

For each registered students, they need to fill their profile before applying for a job. In the future, we will utilize this data so company could filter and reach talents from selected dimension.

We also designed ATS (Application Tracking System) so companies could screen all talent information in one place.

Tech Stack

  • React for fast performance.
  • Redux for state management. This also help performance because we cache the data on memory,
  • Node.js for serving API,
  • Meet Edgar for social media scheduling,
  • Hotjar for user research,
  • Customer.io to automate customer lifecycle,
  • Tawk.to for chat and customer service.


As of all us just recently graduated from college, so more or less we already know what talent pain points are. We decided to build MVP and iterate the UX/UI afterwards with the help of Hotjar. Other than that, user usually send us a chat if there’s a problem with the website. Tawk.to make this process easier.

From marketing side, we tried every channel that we think might work. Eventually, we find two online channel that converts. Until this very day, we still push content to the channel because it still works (not saturated yet) and the cost of acquisition is very low. To give you an idea, We only spent $50 to get our 4,000 first user.

As of company, we have no experience in recruiting. Thankfully, our mentor from BCG and Happy5 help us connect with companies. This tremendously help us to cut the lead generation process.



Seed funding

(GNB Accelerator - Fenox)


revenue from 4 companies.


subscribed talents

per March 2016


Life gets in the way and I have yet find time to update projects section.

It's outdated and there are far more ambitious projects that I've been working on. Reach me out directly or see the glimpse on Twitter.


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Bukapintu is an exclusive community that matches companies with high quality candidate from top universities.

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